Recommendations of the Week

Ever have those moments at home or work where you discover something new and suddenly can’t remember how you functioned without it? I love adapting new “tricks” or finding new recipes or products to help life a little more manageable! Here are a few finds that I would 100% recommend:

  • This salad. I kind of rolled my eyes when my sister-in-law recommended it to me (because let’s face it… you have to make your own salad dressing, and I view that as unnecessary and complicated.) But it’s worth it!! My husband is absolutely not a salad guy, and he ate two helpings at supper. I made a lot of substitutions (I did not meet a single employee at our small-town grocery store who knew what a “pepita” was), but it still turned out delicious!


  • To be completely honest, I have always been a terrible friend when it comes to grieving people. I view myself as awkward, I don’t know how to act or what to say, and frankly I am too chicken to do or say anything. After reading this book (and going through a box of kleenexes), I’m no expert, but I have a much better idea of how to show grieving friends that I care. I actually finished this book the day I found out my grandmother passed away – with the suggestions from this book, I felt like I could actually be a comfort and help to my family while we said our goodbyes to Grandma.


  • Spotify playlists. I will never listen to Pandora again (although I am married to a Pandora addict). Spotify all the way. This “Favorite Artists” playlist of mine is one of my favorites to shuffle play – I am a strict non-shuffler with all my other playlists though!


  • I am recommending this as both an intense workout as well as a comedy routine. I told my friends that this should have the headline “White girls, don’t even try”. Part of me is immensely proud of myself for trying something new and finishing the entire 30 minutes, and part of me is still laughing at the thought of me pathetically trying to do a hip-hop workout. I probably could’ve debuted on “Ridiculousness” if someone had been secretly filming me.

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